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TeaTV is best If you love to Watch Movies and shows online TeaTV is best for you. This app allows you to watch movies on your mobile without discomforting others.  Download the updated latest version of the app on android, IOS, firestick, PC with emulators or any portable device, and enjoy the latest videos and movies.

Buying Netflix subscription, Amazon subscription or DVDs, DVD players, and all the hustle. Well not now, download the updated version of the teatv app on your android mobiles for free. it is an amazing online application to watch shows and movies on your mobiles as well as casting on your Android Smart TV.




This apk can also be downloaded on any laptop or PC.No high configuration is required. Update your application in Windows 7 or above. Windows 10 is the best usable. A good internet connection and 2 GB ram are enough for this app.

Teatv is a fantastic entertainment app to watch TV shows and movies. The downside of applications like Netflix, Amazon, and others is that you have to pay them a lot of money every month. you can’t even download the files on your phone and you always have the fear that if you don’t pay on time these applications will close your Account and you won’t be able to watch anything at all.


TeaTv APK is not availed on the official play store of Android or any other OS you must have to download it from a third party website to make sure that you are downloading the right version you must always check whether that app contains any virus or not by always checking the apk file on online antivirus to check whether it has any kind of virus. Here on TeaTvApkPro.com we have provided 100% virus-free and scanned version files! Download Now and Enjoy without spending any money

Teatv has no doubt unlimited amazing features and the most important thing is that its all free. It has a large collection of movies, here is the list of the movies genres given.

  • Action
  • Animation
  • Adventure
  • Comedy
  • Fantasy
  • Historical
  • Horror
  • Others

All the TV shows and Movies are availed at All Qualities for your convenience from 360p to 1080p. You can choose ULTRA HD quality to watch as you like.


Requirements to Install TeaTV app

So if you want to enjoy any application fast and efficiently you just need some specific system requirement Same is the case for this apk, You just need some minimum system requirements for the installation of this application. Those requirements are very important because they make the working of this application much fast and you feel traveling with the speed of light fun right!!!


Minimum Requirement for Android System OS

In order for the application to work smoothly minimum android 4.4.3+ or any other version above this is required.in order to check whether your tablet or mobile has this requirement you can go to your mobile setting and click on “About Phone” To check the requirement.


Minimum Requirement for iPhone/IPad IOS

You need iOS 10 or above for the smooth working of Tea Tv Application for

IOs App You can get to setting and click on “About phone” to check the

Minimum Requirement for iOS.


Minimum Ram Requirement

For smooth working of tea tv android, your smartphone or tablet must have at least RAM of 2GB or in other words 2048MB. In order to check the RAM of your smartphone or tablet go to your setting and move to the setting>>Phone information to check this out.


Minimum ROM Requirement

If you are confused about what ROM is. it’s just the space that the application needs to install and work smoothly. Yes, it is very important to have some good space for the proper working of TeaTv apk. You need at least 500MB+ for its proper working. The Application TeaTV is about 21.1 MB but you just need some extra ROM for its proper working and cache memory.


Stable Internet Connection

You need a good internet connection for the smooth working of the TeaTv application. You might have heard that some application is not playing video properly.it’s usually due to slow and unstable internet connection So it is very important to have a good internet connection to Enjoy the Movies and TV Shows without buffering!!!


How to install TeaTV Application

It is very easy to install TeaTV apk for android and iPhone I have provided the instruction on how to install properly just click on the link to learn how to install for IOS and Android APK.


Click here for iPhone iOS Installation.

Click here for the TeaTV Android installation.

Click here for TeaTV PC installation.

Click here for MAC installation.


No minimum requirements for TeaTV app?

well, I would not recommend you to install if you don’t have the minimum requirements because you won’t be able to enjoy the movies and TV Show properly where is the fun in that? You would feel much better if you have the minimum requirement. I bet it would be lovely if you just give it a try!!!


TeaTV Features

Simple & easy to use Netflix like interface
The latest version of this application is as amazing as Netflix or Amazon, Its interface looks just like Netflix. Its interface is simple and eye-catching


It has arranged all the Tv Show and Seasons and movies in a well-mannered and User-friendly interface. You can preview the videos before playing. There is a featured image of every Video To show its content.


AI-Based Application

It works on AI to Arrange videos as user requirements and Desire. Which is the Very Best option any Application can have? You can create your own favorite list of To show and Movies


Huge Collection of Movies & TV Shows

This Application has a huge database and you can found almost any TV show or any movies or any region, state or Country, or any Language. If you search for any movie or TV show I bet you won’t get an error. It’s like all in one. Where you can find any kind of movie or TV show.


High-Quality Movies

This application is very useful it has all kind of material from low quality to high quality

You can choose the 360p , 480p , 720p or 1080p as you like.

It provides ULTRA HD Quality of almost all Movies and Tv Shows


Download Movies and TV Shows

One of the best features of this TeaTv application is that you can download any movie or TV show without any limit to your gallery unlike other Alternative Netflix app which is paid and you can’t even download it in your Gallery Maximum you can do is keeping the videos offline which is quite frustrating but TeaTv APK is the best solution for all of you problems


Live TV

You can also Watch Live TV There are 100s of Channels available to watch in this amazing application. Sounds Fun Right!!


TeaTv Supporting Platforms

Tea TV works on almost all Platforms which is quite awesome. you don’t need to worry about buying a specific platform for it to work. These are the platforms that Tea Tv Supports right now.

  • TeaTV for Android
  • TeaTV for Windows
  • TeaTV for iOS
  • TeaTv firestick

TeaTV APK Download Latest Version for Android

Here at my website if you have the minimum requirements in your tablet or smartphone you can download any version of TeaTv APK depend upon your choice and Enjoy the Best Application free of cost without paying a single penny.


TeaTV APK Download for Android

If you are looking for Tea TV APK of any version for Android devices you are at the right place you can find any version of Tea Tv APK. All versions are given with their date of release for your convenience. All versions are 100% virus-free.

Tea TV APK Free Download

You can enjoy any version of TeaTV APK for free.you don’t need to pay a single cent to use it. All you have to do is click on the download link given in my website and download and there you go … Enjoy unlimited access to all kinds of movies and TV Shows.

TeaTV APK IOS iPhone

If you are using an iPhone or IPad or any other IOS device you can easily install the TeaTv app and enjoy the unlimited access to all the content of this app has to offer. Follow the complete guideline to download this app on IOS iPhone and also guide how to install Teatv APK IOS on your IPad or iPhone.

TeaTV Download

We are in a world where regardless of where you live. You do need unlimited access to entertainment and if free that’s much better right no need to pay at all.

And what better option if you can watch it on any technology or platform as its available for all.

  • TeaTV Download for Android.
  • TeaTV Download for iOS.
  • TeaTV Download for firestick.
  • TeaTV Download for PC

TeaTV Windows

If you use a laptop or pc you might know the fact that you always need some medium to watch movies and TV shows. So TeaTV Windows is the best option for you. You can install NOX or Bluestack for the better and smooth working in windows.

TeaTV Firestick

If you have a Firestick Device and you want to watch TeaTv. You can easily watch it by download the Firestick version from our website also we have provided a complete guideline on how to download and install the app.


teatv firestick

Is TeaTV Safe

Yes, I am using the application myself and I have no doubt that it’s 100% safe to download it from my website There is some website that gives you a fake application which ultimately is a virus but you can find 100% safe Application with Scanned file from Antivirus!!

TeaTV not working

You can go to our page for instructions how to install it properly you won’t have any issue at all if you still getting any error just email us the problem we will provide the fix for it.

TeaTV App

This App for PC, IOS, Windows, and Firestick is available on my website to download for free 100% scanned and virus free. I have posted all the links on my website for you to download. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for Ipad,iPhone ios android or firestick all versions are available for you to download Completely free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is TeaTv Safe?

Yes, as I have mentioned above its 100% safe. You can use it without any fear but for your own security if you have any kind of fear even a little bit. I would recommend you to use some kind of antivirus but that is for your own security. if you are paranoid or afraid but in actual you don’t need any VPN at all.

Is this application legal?

Yes, Tea Tv is legal in many countries but there are some countries where it’s not legal as they are providing everything for free which can destroy Netflix like application business. So they banned it.

Does this application contains a virus?

NO, TeaTV Apk doesn’t have any virus. There are many websites that use their own Trojan. Here we provide you the safe and latest version of the APK.

Does Tea TV Downloads Go to the Gallery?

Yes, The download Movies and Tv Shows go directly to the gallery at any place you want.you can play them any time you want and you can copy it to any device you want.

TeaTV Not Working?

Don’t worry about it just contact us via email.

Do we have TeaTV For PC?

Yes, we do have TeaTv for PC Solution. We do provide multiple methods and solutions for it just go to the Tea TV for PC section and Download the tea tv.

Do we have TeaTV for firestick?

If you are looking for TeaTv for firestick don’t worry we got your back we have a solution to all of your problems here just visit the TeaTv firestick page to download it with all the required instruction.

TeaTV Alternative?

Yes, we do have Tea TV alternative apps and options .we will send you the solution for that. We do provide other apps like it. You can visit our section on TeaTV Alternative. There you can find a lot of TeaTv Alternatives and their info on how they are and how do they work.

TeaTV Down?

If you are having issues and this app is down for some reason you can file a complaint to us we will look into it and try to solve it as quickly as we can.

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