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Popcorn Time went off a few years ago, urging (popcorn) people who used the remarkably easy “Netflix, but for piracy” app to search elsewhere for movies and TV shows.

Today, as more extra people are bound to self-quarantine to control the spread of the unique corona-virus, Popcorn Time, stream, watchseries.io and 123vidz have returned to download movies free.

“Love in the Time of Corona Version 0.4 is out,” a tweet from the Popcorn Time Twitter account reads.

popcorn time
popcorn time

Popcorn Time was watched when it was released in 2014. The streaming app grew remarkably familiar for people search like (watch the game of thrones online free Reddit, Aladdin putlocker, spider man homecoming ) who wanted to reach films that were still in theatres — or those not on streaming services.

But with a far more elegant interface than often-sketchy piracy websites that needed users to hunt down, also people search like Reddit stream movie, Reddit tv streams verify, watch movies online Reddit and download links themselves.

Popcorn Time, on the other hand, definitely shed the downloading process, and streamlined the viewing adventure, making it nearly as simple as legal streaming (even though the service yet relies on the same BitTorrent technology as legitimate torrenting).

As a consequence, Popcorn Time was closed down many times, and it had its IP blocked in many countries. The motherboard also notes that while other versions of Popcorn Time are working right now, “the user interface of this one and its release look to be closely affiliated with first Popcorn Time projects, based on domain redirects and URLs.”

what is Popcorn Time?

popcorn time

An alternative to Netflix application which provides its user free and friendly environment to watch movies and TV shows in comfort.

Is it illegal to use Popcorn Time?

Popcorn Time app by itself is completely legal. What can make it unlawful, is watching and sharing copyrighted content? Countries with soft anti-piracy laws allow using Popcorn Time for private purposes. However, if you are from the US or UK, you should use a VPN to safeguard your Popcorn Time adventure.

How can I download Popcorn Time for free?

    1. Subscribe to Some VPN.
    2. Download and install the app on your device.
    3. Access the app and choose ‘Purpose’, after which you need to select ‘Maximum Anonymity/Security’.
    4. Once that is done, feel free to stream to your heart’s content using Popcorn Time.

What happened Popcorn Time?

Popcorn Time went off a few years ago, urging (popcorn) people who used the remarkably easy “Netflix, but for piracy” app to search elsewhere for movies and TV shows.

Where does Popcorn Time store movies?

Go to settings, check the Show advanced settings box, scroll down to cache directory and press the line and the cache folder will pop up.

You can change it there, and uncheck the tmp box. It will make the application save everything even after you close the application.

How to install Popcorn Time?

    1. Step 1: Download Popcorn Time for your PC/laptop which runs on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, or Windows 7.
    2. Step 2: Double-click and ran the installer file.
    3. Step 3: Tap “Next” on the installer tab to start the installation process.
    4. Step 4: Tap “I Agree” to accept the license agreement.


popcorn time

Popcorn Time! is the outcome of many developers and architects setting a bunch of APIs together to make the practice of watching torrent movies as simple as feasible and provide HD popcorn.

The latest and recovered Popcorn Time allows you to watch movies and TV shows online for free, in HD or SD with subtitles. Now also accessible for Android. We are an open-source scheme. We are from all over the world. We love our movies. And boy, do we love popcorn.

Great movies

We’re continually searching all over the web for the best torrents from the most prominent sites.

No restrictions

Watch any movie as many times as you want. All you need to get started is a proper internet connection.

Awesome catalog

If the movie is out there, Popcorn Time will find the most suitable version feasible and start streaming it right away.

The best quality

Watch your movie spontaneously in HD and with subtitles. And then keep watching.

Recent Improvements

You can now draw and release subtitles (.srt files) on the player to load them. This means you can now drag and drop an outside torrent, and an outside subtitles to stream it on Popcorn Time.

Last time, we added a “marked” icon on an episode you’ve played, and now we add the opportunity to manually set a video as watched, so you can easily update your sequence.

Eye icon designating whether a video has been watched or not.

And we didn’t ignore our power users. It has been a request since we took over the scheme and with Popcorn Time beta 3.1, you have the option to save the downloaded files after you left Popcorn Time.

Advanced settings

Files are not shared over P2P after you watch it.

But wait, it’s not over: overall offerings have been raised, our subtitle assortment has been improved, new languages (Hello Croatians, Thais and Vietnamese, please have some popcorn!) and… get a look to a somewhat exhaustive changelog at the behind of the post. 🙂

One more thing…work on the Android app is initiated!

What’s New:

New Features:

  • sort out by trending
  • sort out by the popularity
  • RARBG search in ‘torrent models’
  • small plugin system for kat, RARBG, VLC, google drive, html5 
  • video, virus scanner, tracker.
  • html5 video player for tv shows and ‘torrent collection’
  • different order for Settings (overview and visibility)


  • get direct stream URL port while using html5 video player
  • eliminate dead filters
  • eliminate provider links
  • set RARBG as an online search engine in settings.js
  • fix Chromecast scrollbar.


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