TeaTV Download App For Android/iOS/PC

When it comes to entertainment, mobile phones are being used frequently than the huge plasmas these days. So, developers have started to develop TV Apps like teatv, showbox and popcorn times for phones, however, it is not limited to the smartphone category alone, since it is developed to be compatible with all entertainment devices like the latest fire sticks and more.

The number of Apps being developed on a daily basis can be considered as countless. For every purpose irrespective of how big or small it is, an App is available. Being an Android user, you might have noticed that any App which is not available on Play Store can also be installed on the device by rooting the device.


Once such App is the TeaTV App which is completely free to use and is compatible with most of the devices. There are many ways to install the Tea TV APK file to your device.

How Do APK Files Work?

APK files are basically Apps that aren’t available on the Play Store and have to be installed manually. There are various methods to do this. We will discuss the easiest and quickest one to help you understand how to install the Tea TV APK file.

TeaTV App For Android

Installation of the Tea TV App APK would be much easier for Android device since it is just a few easy clicks process and provides a few permissions to the APK. Since we are concentrating on Apps related to entertainment alone, a TV or movies App or even a sports streaming App like Tea TV App would be relevant here.

There are a few steps that you need to prepare before you start the installation of the tea TV APK. The Android device may or may not be rooted. It is always better to root the device since you will have better control over the files in the device after rooting.

Rooting is a simple process which can be done within minutes. For now, let’s assume that the Android device is rooted and we are good to go.

Let’s start the Tea TV APK file installation process.

Step 1: Unknown sources option should be on for the Android device

You can find this option/information under the Settings menu. Then select Security and toggle Unknown sources to reflect it as switched on. Once you have installed the tea TV App, this has to be turned off immediately.

The reason for doing this change is to bypass Android security and install an App from an external source.

Step 2: Download the App from a relevant and trustworthy site

Please check for consumer reviews and research on your own for any malware being detected while using these entertainment Apps. I would recommend checking for a different website, the one that is reliable and doesn’t contain any threat or malware. Once you have found such site, download the TeaTV APK zip file.

Step 3: Installing the TeaTV App

In this step, you need to manually find the downloaded Teatv APK Zip file in the phone or external storage of the device. It is usually found in the downloads folder in case the settings are the default. Just tap on the file and the installation process begins.

You will be asked for permission here, please ensure that you read every type of permission it asks for and provides only those permissions which are relevant to this App. Then you will be asked to tap on it. Tap and then wait for some time.  You will be notified with a dialogue box once the installation is complete. That’s it!!

You can now access the Tea TV App normally like any other Play Store App to view your favorite movies, TV series or sports. Don’t forget to turn off the unknown sources options before you start enjoying and exploring the new App.

TeaTV App For iOS

I always have to be the one to break this. iOS is a platform that has always been for elite people who can afford premium services. As a result, only few such productivity hack apps make it to both android & iOS. Most of them are only limited to the former. Disappointment is not what we like to offer our readers. Hence, we’ve done our research & found good alternatives for Tea TV iOS app. Movie streaming apps were never in such abundance at any time of the Internet history. Open source has made it possible for developers to build apps and put out on common platforms where they never could.

Movie Box, Popcorn Time, Showbox, Kodi, etc are some of the portals which can run on iOS platform. These can help you stream lots of movies & tv shows on your iPhone/iPad for free of cost. But as far as Tea TV for iOS is concerned, you’re gonna lie on every website.

TeaTV App For PC

Windows is such a cool OS, because it can accommodate almost all the emulators for any OS. This makes Windows automatically compatible with any android or iOS app. This means that you can install Tea TV app on PC with the help of an android emulator. I would recommend you to search for latest android emulators out on the Internet. Bluestacks is the oldest one but many new fancy emulators have come been released in past few years. Once you have an android emulator installed in your PC, head over to our guide to install Tea TV app for PC.


Normally, the tea TV APK file is compatible with various devices like tabs, note, smart TVs and more. You just need to find a way to install them on the device.


The interface of the Tea TV App will generally have an intuitive home page with all the relevant options and suggestions. Once you start viewing movies, the genre will be noted by the App and similar types of movies will be suggested by the App.

Another exciting option of the Tea TV App is movies with and without subtitles. If you are watching a movie of a different language that you don’t understand, there are always subtitles to help you out. The content that is being played would be via built-in media player of your smart device.


Now that you know about the compatibility, interface, and installation of the tea TV App, you also need to know about the excellent features that this app comes with.

If you don’t find these features in an entertainment App, then it is not a good App to install.

  • Diversified huge collection of movies and TV shows from all across the globe
  • With a proper internet connection, you can stream in high quality without any lag or buffer time
  • You can either stream or download content to view later
  • Easy to use interface
  • Bookmark your favourite TV shows and movies to watch it again on teatv.


How to run TeaTV APK on PC using an emulator?

1. Download Bluestack From Official Site.
2. After download, Install it normally, open it.
3. Now Setup your settings as like an Android Phone.
4. Download Teatv APK Android File.
5. Double Click on Apk & Blustack Catch the file and start the installation.

Does TeaTV have viruses?

It is conceivable that you could accidentally download malware or a virus via TeaTV. This is because TeaTV doesn’t actually host any of the content you access. TeaTV (and other similar services) connect their users to third-party video repositories that contain the actual content.

Has TeaTV been shut down?

And worse yet, as of now, there’s been no explanation for this whatsoever. Many people believe that this may have directly to do with an article by CNBC. This article announced the TeaTV app to be a streaming service for pirated content, but this is still unconfirmed.

Final Thoughts

Everyone will have different tastes and genre that they like with respect to entertainment. TeaTV App covers every genre that is in existence to provide a wide range of selection of movies. You need to search for smart options with the genre and other filters to find what you are looking for in an efficient way.

That being said, Tea TV App is being used by people all over the globe and you need not worry about the security of the device being compromised as long as the source file downloaded is from a reliable source.